Aurelie Herbelot is editor, sub-editor, minor editor, layout artist, accountant and all-round techie person at the press. After gaining a Masters in medieval literature in France, she worked in England as a fluffy toy seller, a book stacker, a mortgage advisor and a research funding administrator. She eventually returned to studying and completed a PhD in computational linguistics at the University of Cambridge. These days, she works as a researcher in computational semantics.

Eva von Redecker does most of the talking, event-managing and string-pulling required by peer press. She loves scribbling all over the peers' early drafts and final manuscripts and has strong opinions on all matters of style. She will also tweet and reply to emails. Eva works for the Humboldt University in Berlin. She is a critical theorist and social philosopher, currently writing a book on radical social change. Her previous monographs are an introduction to the work of Judith Butler and a study of Hannah Arendt's moral philosophy. If both peer press and the Humboldt University went bust, Eva could always go back to strawberry-farming and horse-training.

Lucy Duggan is the author of Tendrils. She grew up in Warwickshire, Yorkshire, London and Somerset. She is now working on a PhD in Czech and German literature at Oxford University, but when she has the chance, she likes to wander around Prague, Moravia or East Germany. In Oxford, she regularly performs her poetry and prose at the Catweazle Club. If you don't have time for a 555 pages novel, try Lucy's Tiny Stories.

Jitka Palmer is the illustrator of Tendrils. She is a painter, sculptor and ceramist. She moved from Prague, where she worked as an anatomist, to the UK in 1985. She studied ceramics at Croydon College of Art and Design. Her work is figurative, narrative and expressive, serving as a visual storage of energy. Jitka exhibited in Britain, Europe and the US and her work is included in the collection of the Musée National de Céramique in Paris. More of Jitka's work can be found at

Jessica Rettig is the illustrator of discourse.cpp. She studied art therapy in the tiny town of Ottersberg and has exhibited her work in Hamburg, Neumünster and Mesendorf. She also knows where to find good music and, weirdly, has a thing for deadlines.

Iwona Janicka is our all-encompassing support team. She provides psychological help and vodka, and promotes us wherever she is in the world. She studied literature in Germany and England, punctuating her research with stays in France, Spain, Belarus, Russia and other places. She has just completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge.