Jitka Palmer, a self-portrait


My work is figurative, narrative and expressive, inspired by stories and themes.

I love watching people, their body language and facial expressions and I am on the lookout for special moments and situations accompanying every human activity.

I use my sketchbooks, my books and music as a valuable collection of raw material.

Drawing and painting pivotal to my work.

I particularly like capturing the movement and energy of people in various activities like work, sport and music.

I love the challenge of quick intuitive drawing without unnecessary detail.

It serves as a visual storage of energy.

I draw on personal experiences, past and present, with a view to reflect the spontaneity of ordinary human life. I love illustrating life around me.

I draw and paint on paper in watercolour, tempera, pastel and ink.

I paint the surface of clay and porcelain vessels with slips, oxides and stains.

I carve sculptures from Bath and Portland stone.

I have exhibited in Britain, Europe and USA. My work is in private and public collections including the Musée National de Céramique, Paris.

I like working to commission.


I was born in Prague.

I studied medicine and worked as an anatomist.

In 1985 I moved to Britain.

I studied ceramics at Croydon College of Art and Design.

I set up my studio in London with the help of a Crafts Council Setting Up Grant.

I live and work in Bristol. My website can be found at http://www.jitkapalmer.co.uk/.