At peer press, we believe in sharing, reproducing and adapting. We think that authors should retain their copyright, therefore our publishing agreements leave them in control of their works. In fact, we are rather sceptical towards the whole idea of such a thing as copyright and prefer to highlight the collective, open-ended process of creating, editing and inspiring texts. Our aim is to produce exceptionally fine book-objects which we sell for money (or exchange for whatever peer press needs). In digital format, we provide most of the content for free. We have dreams for the future -- particularily involving a manual printing press --, but don't even pretend to have fixed targets in terms of sales or production. We started peer press when we felt there was enough brilliant writing floating about around us and we intend to remain a micro-publisher. Working from a close-knit artistic context, we want to facilitate our audience's open access to its output.

Creative Commons license

We use a Creative Commons license on our printed books. The license is known as 'Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike'. It allows the users of a work to share and remix it as long as:

1) they cite the original author
2) they do not use the work for commercial purposes
3) they license their own copy or adaptation under the same terms as the original work.

Please see the Creative Commons website for details.

Illustration: Jessica Rettig